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What clients say…

I started a new venture in the hospitality business together with my father and brother.

A year after we started, we experienced tensions between us that were difficult to tackle by ourselves. We thought that as we are family, we would find our place in the team naturally; and we left some issues simmering under the surface.

Greet helped us clarify our mutual interest and passion, set up a number of simple and effective meetingstructures and behaviours, and coached us individually to develop as young leaders.

It was tough, but it gave us great boost and today we are a dreamteam!’

Roos Feys

Operations Manager, Insieme

I worked with Greet for over 4 years as HR Director.

Biocartis’ story is special: because of the game changing mission of course; establishing a new gold standard in diagnostic testing for the global healthcare market is exciting and challenging to say the least.

For this, we rely not only on our investors and expertise, but also on our values and culture.

Greet has been instrumental in developing, facilitating and guarding a genuine corporate culture of respect, openness, sharing and growing.

And as far as her coaching skills are concerned: she has this knack for getting people to open up to her, make them feel valued and motivate them to explore and develop their potential.

Hilde Windels

Co-CEO, Biocartis

Year after year, our team turned out fantastic fundraising campaigns, but amongst us, we were not always aligned about our focus, and did not take the time to look each other in the eyes and really get to know each other.

Greet facilitated three workshops to mould the group.

With her typical can-do style, she managed to get us to listen to eachother, understands eachothers intentions and motives, and agree on a constructive way forward.

Carla Reynders

Head of the Communications team of a major NGO

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